*Sodomistic Rituals Productions (2003- present)*

-Sold.out releases-
°SRP032: Chacina (Brazil)- The Blind Man's Buff- Demo tape reissue 
°SRP031: Infernal Curse (Argentina)- Apocalipsis- Tape edition of the second album
°SRP030: Cannibalistic/ Solbaid (Peru)- Una Noche En Las Calles Infernales De Lima- Split Demo tape
°SRP029: Angkor Vat (Uruguay)-Southern Blood/ Bonus- Demo tape (Reissue of the demo from 1989 with bonus tracks. Co-release with Extreme Resurrection Records)
°SRP028: Alcantarilla (Spain)- Vicios De Cloaca- Demo tape
°SRP027: Antumia (Panama)- Ankore Jai: Deutsch- Panamische Koalition des Krach's- Demo tape
°SRP026: Оброк (Bulgaria)- Оброк- Compilation tape (All three rehearsals + unreleased songs)
°SRP025: Nameless Tomb (Germany)- The Evil Sessions Promo 2018- Promo tape 
°SRP024: Transhunter (Македонија)- 8" - 8inch EP (Co-release with Fuck Yoga Records)
°SRP023: Hastur (Italia)- Live In Fear- Demo tape (Re-issue from 1994)
°SRP022: Antumia/ Cultus Asal (Panama/Germany/Denmark)- Split tape 2017 (Co-release with Silver Key Records)
°SRP021: Descarga Nociva (Peru)- Desolacion Total/Triste Futuro- Tape 2016 (Noise/Grind! Feat. Demos & Reh's from early 90ies. Co-release with Poço Discos) 
°SRP020: Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Spa.) Split Tape 2015
°SRP 019 Nameless Tomb/ Demonomancer (Ger./El Slv.)- Abhorer Copulae Decimator- Split tape (Lim. 150 Copies)
°SRP 018: Mastrobating Jehovah (Dk.)- Hullet I Loven- Demo tape (Co-release with Silver Key Records)
°SRP 017: Madre Coca/Guyana Death Tape/Aberrante/Paganfire (Ger./Phil./Pan.)Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta- Split tape 
°SRP 016: Infernal Curse (Arg)- Awakening of the damned- Tape album
°SRP 015: Kambing (Phil.)- Black Himayaton Ritual (Demos 94- 98)- Tape
°SRP 014:(Secret release done with bands permission)
°SRP 013: Shub Niggurath/Necroccultus (Mex)- Inverted Dimensions- Split tape -(Splitrelease with Black Vomit Rec)
°SRP 012: The Satans Scourge (Col)- Sa Nagbu Amaru: A Live Litany to the Beast- Reh tape
°SRP 011: Embrace of Thorns (Gre)-...for I see Death in there eyes- Tape Album (First version of this release)
°SRP 010: Infernal Curse (Arg)- The evil is not waits to be reborn- 7ep (vinyl)
°SRP 009: Satanachia Agliareth (Arg)- Bafomet- Demo tape  
°SRP 008: Necrocarnation (Arg)- Perverted Desire- Reh tape (smeared in blood) 
°SRP 007: Nahual (Per)- Tiberians Crucifixion Talionis- Reh tape (two different Layout versions)
°SRP 006: Goatpenis (Bra)- Apotheosis of War- (Various Recordings, first 50 copies has a pin) tape
°SRP 005: Holocausto (Bra)- War Metal Live 86- Live tape
°SRP 004: Skeleton Blood/Bestial Raids (Usa/Pol)- Forever Reign Humagony- Split Demo tape
°SSD 003: Mephisto (Ita)- Tyrants Return- Demo tape
°SSD 002: Dark Poetry (Various)- Comp. Vol I- Tape
°SSD 001: Black Mass of Absu (Usa)- Demo 1995- Demo tape (Reissue)

Sodomistic Rituals Productions Official Distribution:
°Blood Rites (Chile)- Cursed Blood- 7ep 
°Black Grail (Chile)- Demo 2021- Demo tape
°Hellavenger (Chile)- The Primordial Flame Promo Adv. MMXXI- Reh tape

Sodomistic Rituals Productions Private Pressings:
°Sa Bruxa (Italy/ Germany)- Mediterranean Darkness Live- Live tape