In the following lines you can read about my publication activities...

Featuring Interviews with:
- Carma (Prt.), Broken Spirit (Aus.), Hardware (Mex.), Krypts (Fin.), Abatuar (Pan.), Nebiros (Col.), Orodruin (Hol.), Fecalove (Ita.), The Fallen (Chl.), Leechfeast (Slo.), Ordo Caper (C.R.), Candelabrum (Prt.), Psychomorphis (Dk.) plus three articles, reviews, a shortstory & three very deranged & depraved comicstrips by Goran Dacev that are exclusive to this zine. AVAILABLE!

RELEASED SO FAR (Not available anylonger):                 

Featuring interviews with:
- Death Courier (Gre.), Solothus (Fin.), Aphonic Threnody (Uk./Ita.), Necrostuprum/ Satanic Torment (Pol./Fin.), Ligfaerd (Dk.), Ysengrin (Fra.), Harsh Supplement (Can.), Screaming Brain (Mac.), Arkaik Excruciation (Spa.), Grigorien (Dk.), Death Angel`s (Bra.), Black Grail (Chl.), Rhadamanthys (Gre.), Black Mastrobation (Dk.), Josue O Salvador Em Busca Da Perdicao (Prt.). A Label report including short Interviews with: Equinox Discos (Spa.), Caverna Abismal (Prt.), Fuck Yoga! (Mac.), Blastbeat Mailmurder (Gre.)
+ Reviews & Live Reports.52 pages in total.

- Temple of Adoration Number 10 (Release date: summer 2014)- Coronation (Mal.), CSMD (Neth.), Demonomancy (Ita.), Insulter (Bra.), Desexult (DK.), Necrodisseminator (Bra.), Bode Preto (Bra.), Necrodetonator (DK.), Flegethon (Gre.), Necro Vomit (Bra.), Maleficarum (Col.), Domains (Spa.), Nuctemeron (Bra.), Demonomancer (Slv.), Hastur (Per.), Colombian Scene report (including several small interviews with young bands), Reviews and a short story written by Stefan Ramm (Regressus Diaboli Zine, Devoured Christ, Guyana Death Tape, Madre Coca, AxNx and Nameless Tomb)

- Temple of Adoration Number 9 (Release date: spring 2013)

Featuring Interviews with Hellnation/Brodys Militia/Stabbed to Death (Us.), Absolute Nothing (Ger.), NB-604 (Ecu.), Tian A Men 89 Records (Fra.), Master of Cruelty (Par.), Rotting Flesh (Bra.), Atrofia Cerebral (Per.), Skinflint (Bots.) and Illapa/Spasm/Contumacy (Per.). Reviews and biographies for Black Feast (Fin.), Vaginal Vomitator (Slo.), Gorgoroth (Phil.) and Exhumator (Bulg.). 

- Temple of Adoration Zine Number 8 (Rease date: Nov. 2011)
Featuring Interviews with: Enslaver (Pan.), Nuit Noire (Fra),
Desacration of God Productions (Us.), Warpath (Chl.), Curriculum Mortis (Pan.) and Necrobutcher (Bra.). Reviews and biographies to: Skinflint (Bots.), Remuda (Bots.), Ebwa (Phil.) and Conrad (Bar.). Limited to 200 copies.

Temple of Adoration Newsletter (no numbering) (Release date: 2011)
Featuring a single interview with Enslaver (Pan.) and Reviews. Appetizer for issue 8. Limited to 100 copies.

Temple of Adoration Zine Number 7 (Release date: 2009) Featuring Interviews with Lado Obscuro (Bra.), Apokalyptic Raids (Bra.), Impurity (Bra.), Holocausto (Bra.), Chakal (Bra.), Goatpenis (Bra.) SexTrash (Bra.), Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle (Bra.), Fallen Souls (El Sal.), Ancestor (Cub.), Bestial Holocaust (Bol.), Force of Darkness (Chl), Teitanfyre (Russ.), Pseudogod (Russ.), Necromancer Records (Ger.), The Satans Scourge (Col.), Wisdom (Par.), Metzeli (Ven.), Bestial Mockery (Swe.), Rator (Mal.), Sadomator (Dk.), Mütiilation (Fra.), Heptameron (Gre.), Paganfire (Phil.), Blasphemy (Can.), Chainsaw (Chl.), Har Shatan (Ger.) and Equinoxio (Pan). Plus Reviews. Limited to: 500 copies. 

Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 6 (Release date: 2008).Featuring Interviews with Goatvomit (Gre.), Nocturnal Vomit (Gre.), Embrace of Thorns (Gre.), Mystical Fire/ Death Altar (Bra.), Mortuorio (Per.), Zarathustra (Ger.), Goatfire (Ita.), Archgoat (Fin.), Clay Schulze (Bra./Battle Zine/ ex- Goatpenis), Nuclear Death (Us.), Nuclear War Now! Prods (Us.), Profanatica (Us.), Satanachia Agliareth (Arg.), Goatpenis (Bra.) and Death Yell (Chl.). Plus reviews, argentinan demo scene report and biographies to Weapon (Bangl.) and Ejecutor (Chl.). Different colour editions: yellow and red. Limited to: 500 copies. 

Other Publications:

Former Temple of Adoration Zine:
- SUMMON FOR SATAN Magazine (2002- 2007/Ceased to exist, 5 issues were released)

Guest editorial works:
- Regressus Diaboli Magazine (Ger./2012)
Die You Poser! Magazine (Phil./2008- 2011)
Necrospherical Abyss Magazine
Darkness Against Light Magazine
Blood Must Be Shed Magazine
Black Plague666 Magazine

Other activities (non Zine, Label, Artwork related):
- Production of Buttons: Goatpenis (Bra), Profanation (Arg) and Grima Morstua (Arg).