Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011


-July '14-
- 98% of the work for next Temple of Adoration (issue # 10) is  done.Expect the zine to be released to public within first days of August when I will return from holidays.

-June '14-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 10 should be released within next two months. I have 11 interviews ready, the reviews are close to finish and a report is done. The layout is almost complete too. What I'm still waiting for are two interviews.

-May '14-
- Few copies are left of the four-way-split-tape. I'll save some to take for the "Play fast or Don't" Festival. If you still want one write to me quickly or alternatively I can recommend distros selling/trading the tape.

My bandmate from Madre Coca  and Devoured Christ has released the second outcum of his solo- project Nameless Tomb. The name of Demo II is "Aura of the Abhorrent & Perverted". Get it, if youre in the filthy sounds of old hordes from the late 80ies/ early 90ies. Think of Black Metal meets Death Metal with Demo sound. Like a bastard of Satanic Evil, Ripping Corpse, Cenotaph (Demo days) and Abhorer.

The Demo is home dubbed and comes with a cover printed on red paper. 

S. Ramm
Jablonskistr. 01
10405 Berlin

-April '14-
- The Madre Coca/ Guyana Death Tape/ Paganfire/ Aberrante (Ger./Phl./Pan.)- "Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta" Split tape is OUT NOW!!!!! It is limited to 150 copies on professional manufactured tape and professional glossy cover. Price is 3 Euro plus postage and trades on request! 

It's the debut release of Guyana Death Tape who are harvesting the underground with live gigs since afew years. The Paganfire tracks are raw edged exclusive rehearsal tracks, no recycled tracks from past releases. Madre Coca contributes a ultra weirdo Noisecore session and Aberrante spew forth an alternative recording of their debnut Demo tape tracks. They play grinding Death Metal with spanish Voc's reminding Kulto Maldito, Holocausto, Napalm Death, Exculceration...


-March '14-
- The artwork for the four-way-split tape is ready and send to the press. The masters are on the way too, so I hope to have the tapes back in 4 weeks. Here details: entirely pro done (glossy, b/w, both side printed covers and manufactured tapes with prints on the shelf) and limited to 150 copies. Trades are welcome!

-February '14-
Upcoming split between Erectile Dementia from Usa and Madre Coca will be a split 7ep. Labels who agreed to co-release this are NHDIYSTREC and No Fucking Labels!. We need one or two more labels to realize this!

Abit delayed but soon to come on Sodomistic Rituals Productions: Madre Coca/ Guyana Death Tape/ Paganfire/ Aberrante (Ger./Phl./Pan.)- "Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta" Split tape (Lim. to 150 copies on pro tape).

Sometime in 2014 also Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 10 will be released. Flyer:

And of course the Devoured Christ Debut Demo tape will be out soon! Master is entirely ready! European Version will be made by Cova Rasa Discos from Portugal. A seperate Latinamerican Version is in the talks already!  

-December '13-
Devoured Christ Demo tape "Obscure Death" is recorded and ready for release. Cova Rasa Discos from Portugal will release it in early 2014. Expect further infos!

I just discovered this blog who features many old interviews and put old zines online. Recommend to check:

The Madre Coca / Sete Star Sept Split 7ep is out of stock, two other splits of Madre Coca are still available. For those who want a copy of the split 7ep, write to Bringer of Gore Records, they still have copies: I have no more copies left of the Infernal Curse tape too. Ask the band or write to Bestial Desecration Records ( who made a re-issue on tape for the latinamerican market.