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-November '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 11 is out now!

Featuring interviews with:
- Death Courier (Gre.)- Old guys talking about past & present of the band.
- Solothus (Fin.)- Promising D.M.!
- Aphonic Threnody (Uk./Ita.)- Prolific Funeral Doooom Monster.
- Necrostuprum/ Satanic Torment (Pol./Fin.)- Raw Black Metal Infame.
- Ligfaerd (Dk.)- Black/Death from the Order of the Nonagram.
- Ysengrin (Fra.)- Occult Death Metal.
- Harsh Supplement (Can.)- Harsh Noise crossing borders with Noisecore.
- Screaming Brain (Mac.)- Rancid old fashioned Punk.
- Arkaik Excruciation (Spa.)- For me one of the best Black Metal Demos in 2014.
- Grigorien (Dk.)- Agressive Black Metal Assault.
- Death Angel`s (Bra.)- Old & forgotten Deathrash act from the 80ies.
- Black Grail (Chl.)- Occult Black Metal introducing the concept of the debut album.
- Rhadamanthys (Gre.)- Infamous B.M. obscurity from the past!
- Black Mastrobation (Dk.)- Black Metal Noise!
- Josue O Salvador Em Busca Da Perdicao (Prt.)- Utmost trippy Doooooom!One of the longest interviews in this zine.

A Label report including short Interviews with:
- Equinox Discos (Spa.)
- Caverna Abismal (Prt.)
- Fuck Yoga! (Mac.)
- Blastbeat Mailmurder (Gre.)
+ Reviews & Live Reports.

52 pages in total.
Price: 7 Euros Postage paid worldwide, 5 Euros postage paid inside Germany
Wholesale, Paypal & trades are possible on request.

I need to make space in the distro section. Combine it with a distro item & pay a reduced price of 9 Euro (Zine & single item) postage paid! 11 Euros postage paid (zine & two items from the distro)...This offer counts on any item no matter what format!
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is sold out/traded. I've afew copies hold back a while for some trades and if someone will step back I'll restock the distro but for the moment iT's no more available. 

-October '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is available right now and out now! Limited to 66 copies on pro manufactured cassettes.  

Both acts remain into obscurity and infame. Extrema Uncion do a kind of cross between Black Metal and Noise, similiar to acts such as Goatvulva, Bhaobhaon Sidhe...etc. while Hazten akin to the sound of Katharsis during demo times, Darkthrone, Conjuuro (Prt.)...etc. 

A single copy costs 4 Euros plus p/p. I offer wholesale and paypal if you want multiple copies. Trade is possible so write me when youre interested:  

-September '15-
- The Nameless Tomb/Demonomancer Split cassette is sold out/traded. Few distros like Analog Worship , Caverna Abismal or Equinox Discos and others carry copies in their distros. 

- Extrema Uncion uploaded their song of the split unto Bandcamp, click here for a listening (dis)pleasure.

- A very hard to find V8 (Argentina) Live Digi Cd is addaed to the distro (just check) among other stuff. The Live CD includes unreleased songs.

-August '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) is send to the manufacture and should be released soon.

-July '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue # 10 is completly sold out/traded. Few distros still have copies!

- Cover for the next Sodomistic Rituals Prods Release: Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) below.


-June '15-
- The stock of last remaining Mastrobating Jehovah "Hullet I Loven" tapes arrived after some delay caused by the post. I used red tapes this times contrary to the earlier edition on black blank tapes. Write for a copy now.

- Next releases to come/in the works:
- Temple of Adoration Zine # 11
- Madre Coca/Erectile Dementia (Ger./Us.) Split 7ep (No Fucking labels...etc.)
- Extrema Uncion/Hazten (Esp.) Split Demo tape (Sodomistic Rituals Prods)
- Devoured Christ/Necrovulva (Ger./Us.) Split tape
- Devoured Christ/Necro Disseminator (Ger./Bra.) Split tape   

-May '15-
- Very few copies of Nameless Tomb/ Demonomancer Split is still available so act fast if you want a copy. Even less with Temple of Adoration Zine # 10, less than 10 copies left. 

-March '15-
Sodomistic Ritual's Prod's Offer's:
SSR019: NAMELESS TOMB/ DEMONOMANCER (Ger./El Slv.)- Abhorer Copulae Decimator- Split tape 2015!
New and exclusive material by both bands! Limited run of 150 copies on pro manufactured tapes and glossy both side coverprint.

Nameless Tomb contributes some of their most Brutal sounding Black/Death Metal. Horror alike soundscapes. Two Demos in their back, now their first split. In the vein of Abhorer, Profancer, Carcass (early), Nuctemeron, Blood, Lucifers Hammer (early)...Solooutburst by Pitomutilador (Devoured Christ, Guyana Death Tape, Madre Coca, Regressus Diaboli Zine...)

Demonomancer crush with some of their most noisy and harsh material in the vein of Nyogthaeblisz, Panoptical Mycosis, Nekydaimon, Conqueror...Four tracks all in.Their discography so far included two demo tapes and a split 7ep. Soloproject by Julio Ardon (Bestial Desecration Recs, Pubic Arson, Grave Throne...)

Trades possible on request!
Price: 5,00 Euro (Germany, Porto inklusive), 7,00 Euro (Worldwide delivery, postage included)
Paypal payment accepted (ask for paypal adress).

Still available: last printrun of Temple of Adoration # 10! Ask for bundle offering with the Nameless Tomb/Demonomancer split.


Next release on Sodomistic Rituals Prods:
- Extrema Uncion/Hazten (Spa.) Split cassette (sometime 2015)

- The latinamerican edition of Devoured Christ "Obscure Death" is released. Bajo El Sepulcro Prod's is responsible for this. Same tracks but different artwork. Limited to 100 copies. Write to if you want a copy.

- Since February we work with a bassist in Devoured Christ so further recordings will take place with him most propably.

-February '15-
- The Erectile Dementia/ Madre Coca Split 7ep is postponed 'til summer 2015.

- The split tape of Demonomancer/ Nameless Tomb is still in the manufacture process but should be ready and to be delivered soon. 

-January '15-
- Fatal Underground Zine Issue 43 is out Now! It includes a Interview with us- Madre Coca. It's german written! In case you want to get a copy, check the flyer below for the adress.

-December '14-
- Check New Tattoo Pic here!

-I have send the masters for the Demonomancer/ Nameless Tomb (Slv./Ger.)- "Abhorer Copluae Decimator" split cassette to the manufacturing plant and started working in the layout. Won't be released before Jan. 2015! 

-November '14-
- I got the masters for the Demonomancer/ Nameless Tomb (Slv./Ger.)- "Abhorer Copluae Decimator" split cassette by both bands and most layout related things. I hope to send everything to press soon.

-October '14-
- The Mastrobating Jehovah (Dk.)- Hullet I Loven- tape is entirely sold out/traded. Few Distros still have copies.

First ideas for Temple of Adoration Issue 11 takes shape, expect it to be released sometime in 2015. 

-September '14-
- The four way split tape SSR017 of Guyana Death Tape/ Aberrante/ Madre Coca/ Paganfire (Ger./Pan./Phl.)- "Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta" is sold out/traded. Few distros (Legion of Death Records for example) still have copies left!

- Next release on Sodomistic Rituals Productions will be a split tape of Demonomancer from El Salvador and Nameless Tomb from Germany. Title is "Abhorer Copulae Decimator". Expect rancid Black/Death Metal filth & violence! 

- The Mastrobating Jehovah tape is still available! 

-August '14-
- OUT NOW on Cova Rasa Discos (Prt): Devoured Christ "Obscure Death" Demo tape. Labelcontact:

- OUT NOW!!!! Mastrobating Jehovah "Hullet I Loven" Demo tape is out now on Silver Key Records and Sodomistic Rituals Productions


Release details: Black Jehovah and Black Mastrobation from Denmark joined forces and gave birth to Mastrobating Jehovah! The sounds were recorded somewere beyond any reality. It's limited to 160 copies and released in d.i.y. aesthetics.

Listen a  Sample!  

Get in contact for orders or trade requests:
- Silver Key Records website and
- Sodomistic Rituals Productions: