-"An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire Vol.4" Compilation tape 2021
-Released by Ancient Cult Records/ Ecuador
- With new song "Age Of Iron Darkness"

"Knights Of The Black Moon" Demo tape debut 2019
- Self released by us on professional printed cassettes with both side xeroxed cover. 

Limited to 100 copies.

"Knights Of The Black Moon/Bonus" Demo tape reissue 2020
- Released by Escafismo Records/ Spain on professional manufactured tape. New cover artwork & bonus song.

Devoured Christ is dead & rotting. A new entity is born named Expulsed Angel. Further news to come!

Devoured Christ Discography:
- "Dark Bunker Sessions/ Jesus In Hell" Split tape 2017
with Necrodisseminator (Bra.), Eternal Darkness Creations (Us.)

- "Obscure Death" Demo Tape Re-issue 2015, Bajo El Sepulcro Productions (Mex.)

- "Obscure Death" Demo Tape 2014, Cova Rasa Discos (Prt.)                     
- "Devoured Christ" Rehearsal Tape 2013 (Self-released)

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