- Sodomistic Rituals Productions (2003- present) -

There is a private pressing of Sodomistic Rituals that started in Dec.'17. It's idea is to do very limited tapes for contacts & friends. Preferably band's I associate with in a way or another. With little to no internet advertise. The first one is out now so get in touch if you want to know more. There will be normal public releases in the future too of course.

°SRP024: Transhunter (Македонија)- 8" - 8inch EP (Co-release with Fuck Yoga Records)
-Sold out:
°SRP023: Hastur (Italia)- Live In Fear- Demo tape (Re-issue from 1994)
°SRP022: Antumia/ Cultus Asal (Panama/Germany/Denmark)- Split tape 2017 (Co-release with Silver Key Records)
°SRP021: Descarga Nociva (Peru)- Desolacion Total/Triste Futuro- Tape 2016 (Noise/Grind! Feat. Demos & Reh's from early 90ies. Co-release with Poço Discos) 
°SRP020: Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Spa.) Split Tape 2015
°SRP 019 Nameless Tomb/ Demonomancer (Ger./El Slv.)- Abhorer Copulae Decimator- Split tape (Lim. 150 Copies)
°SRP 018: Mastrobating Jehovah (Dk.)- Hullet I Loven- Demo tape (Co-release with Silver Key Records)
°SRP 017: Madre Coca/Guyana Death Tape/Aberrante/Paganfire (Ger./Phil./Pan.)Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta- Split tape 
°SRP 016: Infernal Curse (Arg)- Awakening of the damned- Tape album
°SRP 015: Kambing (Phil.)- Black Himayaton Ritual (Demos 94- 98)- Tape
°SRP 014:(Secret release done with bands permission)
°SRP 013: Shub Niggurath/Necroccultus (Mex)- Inverted Dimensions- Split tape -(Splitrelease with Black Vomit Rec)
°SRP 012: The Satans Scourge (Col)- Sa Nagbu Amaru: A Live Litany to the Beast- Reh tape
°SRP 011: Embrace of Thorns (Gre)-...for I see Death in there eyes- Tape Album (First version of this release)
°SRP 010: Infernal Curse (Arg)- The evil is not waits to be reborn- 7ep (vinyl)
°SRP 009: Satanachia Agliareth (Arg)- Bafomet- Demo tape  
°SRP 008: Necrocarnation (Arg)- Perverted Desire- Reh tape (smeared in blood) 
°SRP 007: Nahual (Per)- Tiberians Crucifixion Talionis- Reh tape (two different versions)
°SRP 006: Goatpenis (Bra)- Apotheosis of War- (Various Recordings, first 50 copies has a pin) tape
°SRP 005: Holocausto (Bra)- War Metal Live 86- Live tape- Sold out! 
°SRP 004: Skeleton Blood/Bestial Raids (Usa/Pol)- Forever Reign Humagony- Split Demo tape
°SRP 003: Mephisto (Ita)- Tyrants Return- Demo tape
°SRP 002: Dark Poetry (Various)- Comp. Vol I- Tape
°SRP 001: Black Mass of Absu (Usa)- Demo 1995- Demo tape (Reissue)