Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011


-May '23-
A outstanding docu I want to recommend any Noisecorehead and anyone into Noise is "Day's Of Noise & Hate" from 2023 by Emocaust Zine.  You can stream it by clicking here (English version) or here (Spanish version). It's about late 80ies/ early 90ies Spanish Noisecore Scene. Featuring scene veterans of bands like Genital Masticator, Infeccion Cronica, Experimental Noise, Excreted Alive...among other interesting persons & projects/ bands. Sharing anecdotes, music, live footage, pictures & flyers, fanzines, demo covers...etc.

Finally at the manufacture- Chacina (Brazil)- Blind Man's Buff- Demo tape '90 reissue. I got a test tape to confirm the production after some minor issues & all sounds great. To be released by Sodomistic Ritual's Productions & Third Holocaust Of Evil Records. Limited to 150 copies. More news soon! Deathcore from the Amazon!

-March '23-
Upcoming show in Berlin, with a friend's band playing, organized by a friend and an interesting billing. Come to show & see the sabbath!
-February '23-
Finally available from my side Necrocarnation (Argentina)- Fragments Of Dark Eternity- 12 S.Sided LP 
After 13 years of silence Necrocarnation returns. Less cacophonous & raw than back then and aiming more for a Black/ Doom Metal sound inspired by Delirium, Winter & Von. Nocturnal Antichrist Warrior (Infernal Curse, Nocturnal Evil, Xenotaph) is backed up by me alias Blacksnake Nadasdy on drums. Limited to 100 copies & with poster.
Get in contact if you want a copy:
-January '23-
Unholy new year greetings to all of thee! The As Sahar/ Nocturnal Evil (Malaysia/ Argentina)- The Denied & The Denier/ The Return Of The Pagan Winds- Split 7ep is already sold out.

Still in distribution: Kambing/ Ebwa (Philippines)- Papuri Kay Sathans- Split LP 2022 (Released by Zzooouhh Records) Old Pinoy Black Metal Kult Acts! Sodomistic Rituals Productions once released a compilation tape with all Kambing demos. Three they are; from '93, '96 & '98. Also featured is the majestic demo "Savagery Of Bawo" of Ebwa, from '98, which always reminded me early Necromass. I'm proud to carry some copies for European distribution. The price is 32 Euros plus postage.  

Soon will send to the manufacture: Chacina (Brazil)- The Blind Man's Buff- Demo Tape 1990 Reissue. First Deathrash band from the Amazon (Manaus- Northern Brazilian City) to release a demo tape officially. 5 songs including a Black Sabbath Coversong. Brutal & fast Deathrash the old Brazilian ways. Raw but charming & very authentic sound. Before them there were was a mythical act named Black Vomit in the same City but they never made a demo tape & only appeared live. So did Chacina as well but the tracks are lost. Limited to 150 copies on professional manufactured tapes. The cover will rescue the old original artwork & will include photos addtionally.

-December '22-
Out now:
The final release on Sodomistic Rituals Prod's for this year; Infernal Curse (Argentina)- Apocalipsis- Second album on tape. 2016 was the year when it came out on CD and Vinyl. Now 6 years after it is eventually released on tape format to honor one of the darkest albums for me of the past decade. Furious & upper paced Black Metal with hypnotic drum patterns, charismatic & recogniseable vocals of Nocturnal Profaner and an outburst of a guitar & a bass. Less Black/ Death Metal than the first album and more Black Metal. Fan's of later Abhorer, Bestial Raids, early Archgoat will enjoy this. Limited to 100 copies on professional duplicated tape & glossy cover. Get your copy for 5 Euros + postage. Wholesale & trades is possible as well. Just write to     

-October '22-
Out now:
Cannibalistic/ Solbaid (Peru)- Una Noche En Las Calles Infernales De Lima- Split MC 2022- 
At the same time when Hadez released their demos & when Mortem was active- four young Death Metallers went to the rehearsal room & recorded two songs as Solbaid. With some Thrash influence but executing straight Death Metal they had a sound inspired by Astaroth from Colombia. That was in 1987 & both songs can be found on this tape, which is the first international output of the material. Back then it was merely spread among locals. One year later Cannibalistic, also from Lima, recorded 5 songs plus in- and outro in Beto Locutor. A rehearsal room that was also used by Satanas, Penitencia, Mortuorio and later Spasm. Quite different material to Solbaid since this is more along the line with Nausea, two first Agathocles demos and Terrorizer was an influence. Raw, unpolished & aggressive sound. No digital re-mastering or anything. The sound was preserved as on the original tapes. Both bands share two members, one being Manuel Perqan, who formed Spasm in 1990 & over the years was involved in many bands. Some of them were Contumacy, Illapa and Kranium. Even up to this days he is still into doing great bands such as Ofenza among others.

The tape is limited to 100 copies on professional manufactured tape. Get your copy for 6 euro + postage. Wholesale & trades is possible as well. Just write to 

Out soon:

-September '22-
-August '22-
The final copies of the Infernal Curse/ Goat Semen (Argentina/ Peru)- Antyesti/ Ghouls Of Desolation" Split Pic 7ep I carried in distribution sold out. 

-May '22-
Necrocarnation's "Fragment's Of Dark Eternity" is now finally released on single sided 12inch vinyl by Escafismo Records. It has a additional poster as bonus. Limited to 100 copies. 

-April '22-
Running low on copies of Black Grail "Demo 2021".

Currently Dunkelheit Produktionen is offering a discount sale of 40%  on all items. In case some of you still look for the Temple Of Adoration Book that he released, just click here. Only softcover version is still available.

Next releases that will be out by Sodomistic Ritual's Productions & which I'm working on, will be:
- Infernal Curse (Arg.)- "Apocalipsis" Cassette version of the second album from 2016. With bonus songs and alternative frontcover art.
- Chacina (Bra.)- "The Blind Man's Buff" Demo reissue from 1990, first 20 copies will have a button attached.
- Solbaid/ Cannibalistic (Per.)- "Una noche en las calles infernales de Lima" Split tape, Rehearsals from 1987 & 1988.

-February '22-
The Angkor Vat (Ury.)-"Southern Blood + Bonus" Demo tape reissue is officially sold out.

I got a good bunch of copies from the of Infernal Curse/ Goat Semen (Arg./ Per.)- Antiyesti/ Ghouls Of Desolation- Split Picture 7ep done by Seven Metal Inches Records. Get in contact if you want one. 

-January '22-
Hopefully this new year will bring some ease after 2 years of struggle & pandemia. 
Since news on Expulsed Angel are sparse, I wanted to advice here a compilation tape we were featured on last year with a new track. If you scroll a little down you'll find more info & check this tiny review out on my friend's blog. It's the guy from Pheretrum & Extreme Resurrection Records, whom I co-released the Angkor Vat "Southern Blood/ Bonus" tape with. By the way I'm down to very very few last copies.
There is a split with Pheretrum & Expulsed Angel in the works but will still takes it time. 
Next releases to work on with Sodomistic Rituals will be Chacina (Bra.)- "Blind Man's Buff" tape reissue & Infernal Curse (Arg.) "Apocalipsis" tape + bonus.

-Oktober '21-
Out now on Sodomistic Rituals Production's & Extreme Ressurrection Records:

Angkor Vat (Ury.)- Southern Blood- Demo 1989 Reissue + two Rehearsal Bonus songs from 1988.
Limited to 150 handnumbered copies. Professional duplicated red shell tapes with transparent design. Full colour glossy cover artwork with linear notes, rare picture & different inside artwork. For the cover we chose the original design made back then by the band, not the Perro Anadaluz Records version cover (that also came out in 1989). In 2017 Extreme Resurrection Records made a first reissue in tape limited to 50 copies. It sold out fast and to give it a bit more exposure in Europe & beyond we allied to Re-release it again. The tapes were manufactured in Europe and the sound quality is superb. 

Infernal Deathrash Mayhem on 7 songs. In the vein of early recordings by Sodom, Sepultura, Slayer & Kreator.

Available worldwide for 5€ + postage.
Trade is possible too.


-September '21-
Soon to be announced for public release: Angkor Vat (Ury.) "Southern Blood" Demo tape reissue. European version with slightly different & more elaborated layout, two bonus songs from 1988 & blood red shell cassette with professional print. Limited to 150 copies & co-released between Sodomistic Rituals Production's & Extreme Resurrection Records.

I'm also happy to announce that Chacina from Manaus, Brazil agreed to reissue their one and only demo tape from '90 with my small label. It was the first Deathrash band from the Amazon to release a demo tape. The band members would later form obscure hordes such as Mystical Vision, Bearish, Death Altar and Mystical Fire. That release is the most recent addition to my plans. Before that I'll release the second album "Apocalipsis" of Infernal Curse (Arg.) with bonus tracks on tape.   

-July '21-
Expulsed Angel is featured with a new song on a Ecuadorian Compilation tape serie called "An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire". The fourth edition, released by Ancient Cult Records. I'll soon have copies in stock.

Out now on Zzooouhh Records & distributed in Europe by Sodomistic Rituals Productions:

Blood Rites (Chile)- Cursed Blood- 7ep 2021
The new Blood Rites 7'ep, full of furious expulsion of necromantical hatred is finally out! Expect primitive and wicked three old tracks of traditional bestial devotion to the true Black Metal essence!
Hipsters, Fakes & Posers Fuck Off! Real Black Metal devoted maniacs, write now & get a copy.

While the band now resides in Germany, these three songs were recorded back in 2017 in Santiago De Chile, Chile. 

Zzooouhh Records:
Sodomistic Rituals Productions:
Blood Rites:

Price is 8 Euro per copy.

-June '21-

Out Now; Regressus Diaboli Fanzine # 3 "Powrót Zła"

the Blackened Mass Of The Third Holocaust Of Evil strikes back. Not from Brunei but Germany this time. The thickest issue, with 86 pages, so far. Includes interviews with Holocausto, Witchcraft (Fin.), Witchcraft fanzine, Hidden Dagger, Blasphemous Sexfago, Goat Synagogue, Pheretrum, Terozin fanzine, Life Eternal Productions, Drutentus, Illapa, Utuk Xul, Antumia, Earth Crust Displacement & Death Altar.
Besides the mentioned interviews there are two short stories, reviews, biographies & a live report.  

Important: if you want to get one or several copies, don't write to me since I don't have many distro copies. Please directly respond to the editor Stefan "Pito Mutilador" Ramm.

Price is 5 Euro per copy + postage
Whole sale for multiple copies is 4 Euro per copy. 

Stefan Ramm
Jablonskistraße 01
10405 Berlin

-April '21-
Soon to be released by Zzooouhh Records & distributed by Sodomistic Rituals Production's;
Blood Rites (Chl./Ger.) "Cursed Blood" 7ep
3 new tracks of utmost Black Metal. Inspired by old Greek bands they dive yet further into the abyss with a sound that reeks of old.

In distribution now:
Horda (Chl./Ger.) "Hacia la Carcava" Promo tape EP
Partially official, semi private release. The four tracks that will soon be released on Life Eternal Productions.
Truly unique in a way as no other band these days sound like Horda. The vocals sometimes may remind a bit to earlier Cultes Des Ghoules & the sound is inspired by Root but he takes it yet a step beyond into otherwordly sounds that are damn obscure. Horda is ahead of nowadays Black Metal scene with such sounds. The tape is to be spread among personal contacts & fanzines.  I want to encourage you to get the single as soon as it is out. Just write to:

Life Eternal Prod.
Post Box 100 929
52009 Aachen

-March '21-
Temple Of Adoration Book is out now on Dunkelheit Produktionen. I'm sharing some infos & pictures here:

Softcover edition:

Hardcover edition:

It was the year of 2008, when a new fanzine arose from the ashes of Summon For Satan: Temple of Adoration. From then on, seven issues were published until 2017. Dunkelheit Produktionen herein presents a compilation of all past issues, around 360 pages dedicated to demo tapes, infamous bands, old cults, dirt, Metal, Satan, Noise and cut & paste. These seven issues include 100 interviews, reviews, articles, short stories & sleazy comic strips. Constituting a true encyclopedia of underground devotion. In addition to that which was previously published as separate issues, the book includes some exclusive material, such as interviews with Trepanation (Nzl), Tomb, Trono Além Morte, American Line Productions, Obrok, Dekonstruktor, Voids Of Vomit, Clamor In Tenebris and Tinieblas (Ven).

Junior (Enslaver), who used to work as a cartoonist for a Panamanian newspaper in the early 90ies, contributed with a comic strip as well. On top of that, there is another disturbing short story by S.R. of Nameless Tomb.

In the future I may return with a new issue. Until then, buy the book and worship the darkest past at the Temple of Adoration!

Limited to 250 copies (Softcover) and 50 copies (Hardcover).

-February' 21-
Necrocarnation "Fragments Of Dark Eternity" MC arrived to my place. Some copies should be available in Argentina from and hopefully also in Chile thanks to El Abismo Records (who did the release with Destruktion Records). I'm down to very few copies.
-January '21-
On behalf of my bandmates project Nameless Tomb I want to anounnce that he has a new split tape out. With Sadomortuary from Italia. released by Goatmarch Distro. It's called "Nameless Mortuary" and is already sold out. I have a few copies in stock for distribution.  Morbid Death Metal Mayhem ala old Polish & Brazilian Death Metal tapes meets on Black Metal along the vein of Beherit, Nocturnal Evil, Burning Winds, Goatpenis...Rusty sound on both sides but perfect for that hellish noise. 

-December '20-
The Temple Of Adoration Book will be out in january 2021. It's up for pre-sale right now & note that Dunkelheit Produktionen have a discount sale running at the moment. Click here for softcover (limited to 250 copies) and here for hardcover (limited to 50 copies) version. Both editions got a poster of the frontcover artwork by Norman Trinidad (Kambing/ Trident Nation Zine).
-October '20-
The "Fragments Of Dark Eternity" MCD is available now from my side too, for trade & sale. Just check distro or get in touch.

Out now as well from Escafismo Records/ Spain; the reissue of our Expulsed Angel "Return Of The Dark Knights" Demo tape. Includes a bonus track & new artwork. Made by Facundo fromn Uruguay (from the band Hefesto)
To get a copy write to
Two different shell designs (orange and black).
Soon we'll get our bunch of copies here too as well.

The MCD version of "Fragments Of Dark Eternity" by Necrocarnation is out now. Click here at Fallen Temple Shop to order. Thank you Dawid for the support!
Return release after many years of pause. Quite different to the demo. Doomy & ethereal Black Metal like Necro Schizma, Delirium, Beherit, Von...With Infernal Curse & Expulsed Angel member.

-September '20-
You can listen two songs from the upcoming Mini Album of Necrocarnation on the Bandcamp site of Fallen Temple.
Soon also the demo reissue of Expulsed Angel with a bonus song, on Escafismo Records, will see the darkness of the night. Click here!  

-August '20-
While being in Argentina, Nocturnal from Infernal Curse asked me to reactivate an old project of his together. I did drums on the recording & if all goes as planned we may do future recordings again. The first release since the demo in 2007 will be out soon on:
- Fallen Temple (Poland) MCD
- Destruktion Records (Germany) & El Abismo (Chile) MC
- Escafismo Records (Spain) 12EP 

-June '20-
Out now: ALCANTARILLA (Spa.)- Vicios De Cloaca- Demo Tape 2020 II  

Intense & sleazy Harsh Noisecore. Not as short songs what Noisecore is known for, with an insane sound & drive. Chaos & sonorous holocaust unleashed upon your ears. 9 tracks in total attack. Recorded in the sewers of Barcelona. Professional duplicated tapes & cardboard cover. Perversion & filth in audio and tape format! Second demo tape. Except further attacks in the future...

Guest appearance by G.N. of Sa Bruxa. 

Professional duplicated tape & cardboard cover.

Available for 4 Euro + postage. Trades are possible.

-May '20-

The Alcantarilla tapes are on the way to me. I still need to print the covers. After three months in the mighty lands of South America I'm back. Because of Corona it became turbulent to return and I couldn't take my initial backflight as I was not able to enter Argentina again. I had to leave some distro items there like Goat Semen/ Infernal Curse split EP, many copies of the Vrykolakas (Sgp.) Demo '92 reissue...etc. among some personal rare items. As soon as I get this I'll leave a comment here. Still I will update the distro soon but got few stuff for my distro & most items I took are for my personal collection. 

Soon a new release will come out, co-released with PUS Records & Meat Press. Alcantarilla "Vicios De Cloaca" Demo tape, with me on vocals, Jose (Abatuar, Antumia etc.) on drums & Vocals and Stephane (Newborn Porn Prodz) on guitar & Noises. Guiseppe from Sa Bruxa contributed some guest yells. It will be available as a pro cassette from my side. Expect an outburst of very Harsh Noisecore. Sleazy, nasty and decrepit sounds from Spanish sewers. At press now.

-December '19-
I'll go for some months to South America soon. So between mid December & march 2020 I can't proceed any order's, deal's & will delay in response on messages.
The Distro is active from now on, the 15th of April. I'll reactivate it in 30.03.2020.

On 01.01.2020 Fuck Yoga! Records will release the Ќе Да Е Ѓаоло 7ep. A band that features Ivan Kocev & us, from Expulsed Angel.

YES- we is the insalubrious progeny of the Heavens Defiled- an eerie frown upon lesser than perverted metal!
YES- we are the intoxication evaporating from the Black Mass of Absu- a rogue celebration!
YES- we are the degenerate clairvoyants- crucifucked and fermented on the Upsidedown Cross!
(thrice acknowledged in rooster's blood)

A production of 30, diabolically adorned by visions of Ivan Kocev  
Pitomutilador: whisper in darkness
Nadasdy: stomping in darkness
Alexxekulator: strangle in darkness
Kastrator X: strange in darkness
Recorded in "DARK BUNKER" Berlin, December 2018

Next releases coming out:
- Temple Of Adoration Book # 6 - # 12 (+ exclusive content) by Dunkelheit Produktionen.
Ќе Да Е Ѓаоло (Mkd./Ger.) 7ep (Besides Transhunter, Goli Deca there is members from Expulsed Angel & I'm involved in this mystical Black/ Doom Metal entity.) by Fuck Yoga! Records.

-November '19-
Copies of the Nocturnal Evil/ Demonomancer (Arg./Slv.) "Raw & Hateful Black Metal" 7ep arrived for the distro.
Further new arrival is the Sartegos/ Balmog (Spa.) Split 7ep- Mythical Black Metal with sounds recalling the 90ies & the beyond. For fan's of Demoncy, early Watain, Necros Christos (Demo, EP times)...and the likes. 
-October '19-
The Оброк (Blg.)‎– Оброк- Compilation tape (SRP026) is sold out. Thanks for everybody who purchased a copy. I have very few copies left but will take all of these to South America. My label activities will be on hold for a while. At least for the time I'm in South America (3 months). 
Next of the band will be a split with Moenen Of Xezbeth. Check a sample with clicking here!

The Alcantarilla demo tape is now available from my side too. Get in touch if interested. An overdose of Noisecore in the vein of old Brazilian bands. A Harshnoise influence is undeniable too. With Jose Quintero alias "Aguas Negras" on drums & howls, Stephane Kerandel alias "Antipathic" on Strings & Noises and me as "Mamarracho" on drums & vocals too. Jose & me played in Antumia yet Alcantarilla is a beast of it's own & another demo should follow.

Get in contact with Meat Press (aka Newborn Porn Prodz) if you live in Spain or need multiple copies or with PUS Records in the Americas. I can offer single copies only.  

-September '19-
Gabriel from Nihilistic Holocaust Records put up a database of active fanzines. I would recommend to give it a view. Just click HERE!

Expulsed Angel will do a minitour with Nyte Light (Ger.) & Exors (Ger.). The gig's to take place will be:
- 27.09. Berlin at Koma F
- 28.09. Hannover at Stumpf
- 29.09. Göttingen at Juzi Keller

-August '19-
The Expulsed Angel (Ger.)- Knights Of The Black Moon- tape is no longer available. I've a very small bunch left but they are reserved. Thanks to everybody for the support!

Antumia (Pan.)- Ankore Jai; Deutsch- Panamische Koaltion des Krach's- is no longer available too. I've some extra covers that I can give away on homedub tapes for a low price if you place an order. The official pro-version is sold out.

I'm distributing a bigger stack of copies from the Infernal Curse (Arg.)- ...Of Death & Nihilism- 7ep, released by Warhemic from Usa & Disembodied from Argentina.

This new material sounds actually quite "Old"- like a bridge between the first Album "Awakening Of The Damned" from 2012 and the "The End Upon Us" MLP from 2014. Gloomy Old School Black/ Death Metal. As everything the band came up with this is truly exciting.

Single copy orders cost 7 Euro + 7 Euro postage (registered worldwide)

Get in touch if you're interested. 

-June '19-
Out now the Panamanian version of the Antumia (Pan./Ger.)- "Ankore Jai: Deutsch- Panamaische Koalition des Krachs" Demo tape II. Get in touch with PUS Records since i've few copies left.
- PUS Records website / Email:

-May '19-
Soon in stock for distribution:
Infernal Curse (Argentina)- ...Of Death & Nihilism- 7ep (New songs!)

All copies of the Ysengrin (France)- Réincrudation sold out.

-April '19-
Soon to be released:
- Alcantarilla (Spain)- Deterioro Cognitivo- Demo tape (Debut of very Harsh Noisecore. Recorded in Barcelona with two guy's from Antumia -Jose from Abatuar & me- and Steff Hellvis from Newborn Porn Prodz) 
It will be released by PUS Records & Newborn Porn.

Out now:
Ysengrin (France)- Réincrudation- Digipack CD (I, Voidhanger Records)
Compilation of various old songs, including demo & unreleased songs. I perform drums on a single song; the opener "Sumbolon". Bass driven, occult, intense Death/ Doom Metal magick here. 

I've few copies in stoch. Get in contact or write to Ysengrin directly: or I, Voidhanger Records.

Sodomistic Ritual's Production's presents: Antumia (Panama)- Ankore Jai: Deutsch- Panamaische Koalition des Krachs- Demo Cassette

Grinding Black/ Noise inferno recorded in 2017 in the hotbed of Panama City. Featuring Veteran members of the Panamanian scene & guys from Christ Snacks, Abatuar, Enslaver, Hatross, Aberrante, Jefe De La Morgue, Madre Coca... I do the drums and add some vocals. This is the second demo with 5 songs. Euro-edition, there will be a Latin American edition by PUS Records.

Limited to 75 copies. Glossy cover & pro manufactured cassettes. 
Price: 4 Euro + 4 Euro postage (worldwide), 7 Euro (registered worldwide) or 2,50 Euro (Germany) up to 500 gramms. 

Wholesale & trades is possible too.

Sodomistic Ritual's Production's presents: Оброк ‎(Bulgaria)- Оброк- Compilation Cassette

Obscure Doomy Black Metal from Bulgaria. In the vein of Goatlord, early Samael & Necro Schizma. With a subtle Psychedelic drive. All the three sold out Rehearsals + 3 bonus songs on one tape. Thick both sided cover print, limited to 150 copies, numbered & pro manufactured tapes.

Price: 5 Euro + 4 postage (worldwide), 7 Euro (registered) or + 2,50 Euro (Germany)
Wholesale & trades is possible too.

Get in contact if you're interested. 

- Out now:
Expulsed Angel (Germany)- Knights Of The Black Moon-

Our debut Demo tape finally released! Disgusting Black/ Death Metal. Repulsive, rough & evil. For fan's of Abhorer, early Cenotaph (Mex.), Masacre (Col.), Mantas, Necrofago...etc.  

For sale & single copy trades! Get in contact! Only one copy per customer.

-March '19-
While being in Spain I was involved in a Noisecore, almost Harshnoise project together with Cadáver from Abatuar, Antumnia etc. & Stephane from Newborn Porn Prods. We named it Alcantarilla & the session will most likely be released under the name "Deterioro Cognitivo"...Further news to come.

-February '19-
Upcoming releases on Sodomistic Rituals Productions:
Antumia (Pan./Ger.)- Ankore Jai (Deutsch-Panamaische Koalition des Krachs)- Demo tape (Second demo of mythic Black Noise)
- Obrok (Blg.)- Obrok- Tape (Compilation of 3 Rehearsals & unreleased material)  

-January '19-
I'm distributing a good amount of copies of Thronum Sataniis # 4 feat. Marko Marov, Ysengrin, Die Kunst Der Finsternis, Genocide Shrines, Mortuus...etc. This time this Chilean fanzine is English written only & distributed mainly in Europe by Equimanthorn Zine.  
Those interested get in touch!

New postal regulations made postage a lot more expensive here. I'm currently figuring out to find a cheap way to still send you material at low costs.

I got some copies of the "Avanza! Destruye!" tape of Horda but available only via trade.

-December '18-
The Horda "Breviario" tapes are sold out from my side. If you want to get one write to the label who released it namely Life Eternal Prods.

After three days all Nameless Tomb tapes were gone. Thank you. Keeping info's sparsely but throwing a bit of it; there will be another tape with new material out soon but not on my label. 

-November '18-
Sodomistic Rituals Production's Present's: Nameless Tomb (Ger.)- The Evil Sessions Promo 2018

After some silence Nameless Tomb strike back with new material! This is an appetizer; limited to 30 copies and it shall serve as a promo to get a label whose willing to release it unto 7ep.

Interested label's get in touch & ask for a free copy. Everybody else can obtain a copy for 4 Euros + postage (3,70 Euro worldwide & 2,00 Germany) but selling & trading is limited to serve the main purpose mentioned above.

Rancid & Noisy Death Metal Filth from Berlin! For fan's of Rator, early recordings by Polish Cenotaph, Sanatorio, old Polish Death Metal Tapes...and the likes. Expect nasty sounds that will please only those with the utmost depraved taste. Those who seek for old demo tape's risk an ear; you won't be disappointed because even if this tape is recently recorded it sounds fukking old!!!!!!!!!!

I'm distributing a larger amount of copies of the Horda (Chile)- Breviario- Cassette which came out on mighty Life Eternal Productions. Interested get in touch... 

-August '18-
12 years ago a Noisecore band named Cuntfago was put on coma in Buenos Aires. Since the responsible behind visited Berlin & came up with the idea to do a recording session I did not hesitate & said yes. We recorded with a mixed line-up & hopefully the stuff will be put unto black wax. Further new's to be posted here.

Next release:
- Nameless Tomb (Ger.) Promo cassette 

-June '18-
Back from Spain & announcing a new release:

Transhunter (Mkd.)- 8" (Released by Fuck Yoga! Records in co-production with Sodomistic Rituals Productions)
To hardcore collectors seeking the unusual: of dehumanization and obscured ecstasies through industrialized metal. TRANSHUNTER is suitable for netherworldly war and from Macedonia.

Limited to 30 copies on 8inch EP. Hardbound in leather of A-I-A.

Available for 20 Euro + postage.

Listen to the record here!

The Hastur (Italia)- live By Fear- Cassette is sold out / entirely traded. I still have a few copies here that I'll deliver soon to those who reserved it.

I'll be in Spain in mid June so expect a bit of delay in response.

-May '18-
For those of you who want to listen the Hastur tape online, there is a Youtube rip, click here to watch it.
Some old snapshots of Hastur:

10.05.18: Soon a distro update is too follow... 

-April '18-
- Out now: Hastur (Italia)- Live in Fear- Demo tape reissue 2018 (Original release date: 1994)
Creeping sounds from the past. 1994 this material got recorded during summer. A warmth but dark sound calling demons & that reminds me of the grand Italian Black Metal sound that cults like Necromass, Funeral Oration or Ras Algethi executed in that times. Hastur was one of my personal highlights of the entire year when I unearthed their demo. Gloomy, melodic but still rough & very convincing. Pure old school Black Metal lust unleashed.

Limited to 150 copies. Trading is possible. 

Price: 4 Euro + postage

First 50 orders get the tape in a special packaging & with a sticker attached.

-March '18-
- Madre Coca/ Sedem Minút Strachu (Ger./Slv.) Split cassette is out now. Limited to 70 copies. Transparent covers!!!

A new sign of life from Madre Coca with a short outburst & unusual performance of Noize. Sedem Minút Strachu attack with a short, impulsive & fucking dark track.
Released by K.A.Z. Records & SSGC (both from Slovakia) Click on the logo for order or trade requests.

- Finally we got our copies of the Devoured Christ/ Necrodisseminator (Ger./Bra.) Split tape. All are gone. At least from my side. Get in touch with the label who put it out:

Eternal Darkness Creations

c/o Kieth Dempe

P.O box 268
Coraopolis, PA 15108, USA

At the manufacture:
- Hastur (Italy)- Live By Fear- Demo tape Re-issue (Recordings from 1994 unearthed. Old school Italian Black Metal in the vein of cults acts like Necromass, Funeral Oration e.t.c.)

Limited to 150 copies, first 50 copies come in a special package.

Soon going to press:
- Transhunter (Macedonia)- 8inch Lathe-cut EP (Co-release with Fuck Yoga! Records) More info to come.

Also some new's regarding Temple Of Adoration will be revealed soon.

-February '18-
The Gig in Poland/ Szeczin yesterday was a full success. Thank you Maciej & the others at Impurity Prod's for making it possible.

Next week I'll participate in a Transhunter performance in Skopje/Mkd. Poster below:

-January '18-
Temple of Adoration Zine # 12 are all gone & also I've no copies left of Antumia/ Cultus Asal Split tape.

-December '17-
There is a private pressing of Sodomistic Rituals that starts this month. It's idea is to do very limited tapes for contacts & friends. Preferably band's I associate with in a way or another. With little to no internet advertise. The first one is out now so get in touch if you want to know more. There will be normal public releases in the future too of course.

We'll be playing with Expulsed Angel in Poland in February. Hope to see some of you over there:

-October '17-
Out now: Antumia/ Cultus Asal "Split tape 2017"; from the hotbed of Panama comes Antumia to bring forth scapes of rural sounding Black/Grind/Noise. Formed by clientele who was or is active in various old Noise & Metal acts from Panama such as Abatuar, Enslaver, Christ Snacks, Jefe de la Morgue & others. I had the opportunity to execute drums. Expect harsh sounds to please filthy minds & urges. On the other side the offering brought forth is called Cultus Asal. An old project, recorded in 2013, to belong to the infamous Naestweth Havn Kult soiled in Denmark. It slumbered underneath a nest of worms. Those vocals sounds like beast of infernal pray, in company with some fertile Black/ Death Metal in an authentic Dansk sound. Eight short, impulsive outbursts to spat forth anger & audio brutality. 
Get your copy for 4 Euros plus postage. It's limited to 120 copies & co released with Silver Key Records. Because of the tight limitation single copy purchase is prefered. Few trades will be done nonetheless...So send your requests.

-September '17-
The cover for the upcoming Antumia/ Cultus Asal split tape:
Blackened & Grinding Noise from Panama on one side & vile Black/ Death Metal with a certain Demo sound (find out what alike) from Denmark on the flipside! Members of Christ Snacks, Abatuar, Enslaver, Jefe De La Morgue, Madre Coca etc. & fellow's from Naestweth Havn Kult!

First snapshot from the Devoured Christ/ Necro Disseminator (Ger./Bra.) Split tape, still waiting copies:

Our bassist Alex from Expulsed Angel (and Devoured Christ earlier) is joining Deathly Scythe again on stage. This time they will be supported by a second guitar of Pito Mutilador (Madre Coca, Guyana Death Tape, Expulsed Angel etc.)

-August '17-
Eventually a split between Devoured Christ (the band we did prior to Expulsed Angel) and Necrodisseminator from Brazil was released on Eternal Darkness Creations. We still wait for copies so if you want one write to:
Eternal Darkness Creations

c/o Kieth Dempe

P.O box 268

Coraopolis, PA 15108


The Antumia/ Cultus Asal Split tape 2017 is send to the manufacture. 

-July '17-
Upcoming shows:

Next releases on Sodomistic Rituals Productions:
- Cultus Asal/Antumia (Dk./Pan.-Ger.)- Split tape (Obscure Black Metal meets on Noisy Black Grind. Co-release with Silver Key Records)

-June '17-

Picture strip taken from a gig at the second of June.

During my stay in Panama we did an improvised recording that we'll release in two sessions. We named the project Antumia & there is a split tape with a danish band called Cultus Asal who'll debut as well coming out on Silver Key Records & yours truly. Expect further news to come. Spanish speaking folks can check this page meanwhile- From Panama Bowels!

Temple of Adoration stickers are ready! They will be thrown in for free alongside orders & trades.

Tonight the second of June we'll play live with Expulsed Angel supporting Sodomizer & Scalpture at Köpi/Berlin.

-May '17-
Just wrote an article for Chronic Failures Webzine that you can read here- "On the Hunt"
An interview with Jefe De La Morgue/ Alambre De Puas that I just send the questionnaire off to the band will be released there too.

-April '17-
Out now: Temple of Adoration Zine # 12! Featuring interviews with:
-Carma (Prt.) Funeral Doom whose debut I consider as a highlight in the genre
-Broken Spirit (Aus.) Crushing Raw Black Metal from Western Australia
-Hardware (Mex.) Infamous mexican cult D.M. act from the early 90ies
-Krypts (Fin.) Old interview that never got published, made by N.B. (Caverna Abismal Records/ Archaic Tomb) 
-Abatuar (Pan.) Their debut Demo tape was among my fave releases of the year when it came out in '14. War B.M. like Bestial Warlust etc.
-Nebiros (Col.) Old cult B.M. act
-Orodruin (Hol.) Long chat with this obscure dutch B.M. act
-Fecalove (Ita.) Razorsharp sounding Harshnoise
-The Fallen (Chl.) A Death/Doom monster in the vein of Disembowelment and the likes
-Leechfeast (Slo.) Sludge as thick sounding as a wave of mud
-Ordo Caper (C.R.) Young act whose sound is an hommage to SadEx, Goatlord etc.
-Candelabrum (Prt.) "Necrotelepathy" was a magickal output of raw B.M.
-Psychomorphis (Dk.) B.M. act made by clientel from the Order of the Nonagram
On top of that there three articles, reviews, a shortstory & three very deranged & depraved comicstrips by Goran Dacev that are exclusive to this zine.
Single copy costs 3,50 Euro plus 3,70 postage worldwide. Wholesale/Paypal/trade- all that is possible.

-March '17-
Noise Carnage Productions from Poland will do a four-way-split-tape with Madre Coca among. Expect further news to come!

Offline to go to Panama tomorrow the 3rd, two weeks later I'll release Temple of Adoration # 12.

Expulsed Angel Live Nov. '17

-February '17-
I got the first printrun of Temple of Adoration # 12. I'll release it public in mid March when I return from Panama. Expect further news to come! 

-January '17-
Madre Coca will play live in Skopje/Macedonia at the 21th of January and a day later we will be aired in a local radio show. Find poster's fpor both happenings below.

Here is a radio anounncement about the show we will be aired in. Just click here!

Expulsed Angel got a new vocalist whose well known as Possessor from Anal Vomit. He moved to Berlin & joined our act. Guitarist Pito Mutilador who used to do the vocal's is now handling the guitar exclusively. 

-November '16-

A band that I released a split tape from once, named Extrema Uncion, put some new  material up on bandcamp, check it here, sound's promising.

Lately Headsplit Records put out a tape of Vomit Angel from Denmark whose logo and frontcover artwork I've drawn. Find a snapshot below & get in touch with the label by clicking on the name above.

-October '16-
On the 27th of November the second gig of Expulsed Angel will take place at Köpi supporting Morbital from Russia. 

-September '16-
Issue # 12 of Temple of Adoration should be released in spring 2017 as it looks right now, maybe abit earlier.

-August '16-
Temple of Adoration Zine # 11 is sold out. Works on # 12 just started.

Re-stocked: Madre Coca/ Erectile Dementia Split 7ep!!!!

Soon we will play with Expulsed Angel our first show:

-July '16-
The Descarga Nociva tape is sold-out/traded. You may try to contact my partner POÇO DISCOS whose residence is in Coimbra/Portugal if you want to have a copy or the band directly through:  

-June '16-
Descarga Nociva made a flyer for the tape release, it's almost sold out/traded by the way.

Out now on Poço Discos/ Sodomistic Rituals Productions:

Descarga Nociva (Per.)- Desolación Total/ Triste Futuro

Professional manufactured tape that compiles both first demos & rehearsal recordings. All material dates back to the periode of '90 (Demos) and '92-'93 (Rehearsals) Limited to 75 copies only. 

Nasty Noise/Grind with nihilistic approach in the lyrics. In the vein of Necrobutcher, Industrial Noise, earlier Ruido De Odio & alike.

4 Euro's plus postage. Paypal possible. Trades welcome.
Contact: (Sodomistic Rituals Prod's) or (Poço Discos)

Furthermore another release saw the daylight lately & that is the Madre Coca/ Erectile Dementia Split 7ep. 

Erectile Dementia strike back with 9 brand new rocking monster hits in the good old grind/noise way. Madre Coca play drug fueled
psychotic noisecore madness!! Return after a year of pause with no release.

Available postage paid through No Fucking Labels! (Netherlands), Poço Discos (Portugal), Equinox Discos (Spain), Backwoods Butcher (Usa) & Evil Distro (Italy) 

-May '16-
Covers for the upcoming Erectile Dementia/ Madre Coca split 7ep are ready...Vinyls should return from the pressing plant soon.

Pay attention to this label that had some killer releases in the past & now strikes back with some new outputs after 3 (!) years of silence. Bestial Invasion Records: 

-April '16-
Descarga Nociva "Discography" Cassette will be sent to duplication very soon. Very happy to unleash this historic archive of peruvian grind-noise in conspiracy with from Poço Discos Portugal, a close ally 100% devoted to the stubborn laws of subterranean existence. This will contain all material ever recorded by the band (both 1990 demos, "Desolación Total" and "Triste Futuro", as well as 3 rehearsals recorded between 1992 and 1993) and will satisfy those craving for the classic ruthless south american sound. Expect nothing but orthodox primitivism. NO PROGRESS.

-March '16-
- Working on the layout for the forthcoming Descarga Nociva (Peru) tape to be released together with Poco Discos from Portugal. 

- The fourth issue of dutch fanzine Dungeon Grease and has Interviews with Akitsa, Down & Out, Forgotten Kingdoms, Necromantic Worship and Temple of Adoration.

- 8th issue of hungarian Posthuman Zine is out featuring extensive interviews with some activities related to me & my bandmate in Devoured Christ.

Interviews made with Nameless Tomb, Six Score, Kyliga Dalen, Temple of Adoration/Sodomistic Rituals/Madre Coca, Zudaskrust, Anvil Kvult, Sriba Boys, Agonized, Betonrot and Matka Teresa.
Reviews on different musical materials like crust-grind-noise-punk-death-thrash CDs, MCs, vinyls, books.

Contact: and

-February '16-
- The entire show anounnced below is cancelled. It won't take place because of issues related with the venue.

-Devoured Christ will play the first gig at 20th of February in Berlin. Opening for following acts: Temple Desecration, Chrworsch & Abyssous

- An extensive Interview covering Devoured Christ, Nameless Tomb, Madre Coca, Temple of Adoration Zine & Sodomistic Rituals Prod's is included in brandnew issue of Posthuman Fanzine from Hungary. Check out with clicking Here!

-The very last copies of Devoured Christ "Obscure Death" Demo tape are restocked now. I got a second bunch of copies, the few remaining. So get in contact if interested.

-January '16-
-Next release from Sodomistic Rituals:
- Descarga Nociva (Peru)- Demo I & II from '90 & Live Tracks- Tape Reissue (Noisecore // To be released in Spring 2016 together with Poço Discos)

- Sound samples, just click on Descarga Nociva

- Back from Macedonia since afew days, was a killer trip. The layout for the Madre Coca/Erectile Dementia split is ready and all is in the labels hands now. The final labels who will participate in the release will be:

- Poço Discos (Prt.)
- Evil Distro (Ita.)
- Equinox Discos (Spa.)

Bestial Burst Records from Finland put a Radioshow online. Click HERE and listen show # 2 that has Erectile Dementia tracks from the upcoming split with us. 

-I'll be abroad in Macedonia & watch a Infernal Curse show. Will get back to mails in mid-end of January.

Support them on their tour!

- Happy New Year! Thanks to all those who made an order on the end of the year special sale.

-December '15- 
- This is December the 15th & I decided to make a huge Distro Discount! 
All item's are only 2 Euros to make space for next releases & distro items to get inn. Check the list in the distro section and write me an email with your requested items:

-November '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue 11 is out now!

Featuring interviews with:
- Death Courier (Gre.)- Old guys talking about past & present of the band.
- Solothus (Fin.)- Promising D.M.!
- Aphonic Threnody (Uk./Ita.)- Prolific Funeral Doooom Monster.
- Necrostuprum/ Satanic Torment (Pol./Fin.)- Raw Black Metal Infame.
- Ligfaerd (Dk.)- Black/Death from the Order of the Nonagram.
- Ysengrin (Fra.)- Occult Death Metal.
- Harsh Supplement (Can.)- Harsh Noise crossing borders with Noisecore.
- Screaming Brain (Mac.)- Rancid old fashioned Punk.
- Arkaik Excruciation (Spa.)- For me one of the best Black Metal Demos in 2014.
- Grigorien (Dk.)- Agressive Black Metal Assault.
- Death Angel`s (Bra.)- Old & forgotten Deathrash act from the 80ies.
- Black Grail (Chl.)- Occult Black Metal introducing the concept of the debut album.
- Rhadamanthys (Gre.)- Infamous B.M. obscurity from the past!
- Black Mastrobation (Dk.)- Black Metal Noise!
- Josue O Salvador Em Busca Da Perdicao (Prt.)- Utmost trippy Doooooom!One of the longest interviews in this zine.

A Label report including short Interviews with:
- Equinox Discos (Spa.)
- Caverna Abismal (Prt.)
- Fuck Yoga! (Mac.)
- Blastbeat Mailmurder (Gre.)
+ Reviews & Live Reports.

52 pages in total.
Price: 7 Euros Postage paid worldwide, 5 Euros postage paid inside Germany
Wholesale, Paypal & trades are possible on request.

I need to make space in the distro section. Combine it with a distro item & pay a reduced price of 9 Euro (Zine & single item) postage paid! 11 Euros postage paid (zine & two items from the distro)...This offer counts on any item no matter what format!

- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is sold out/traded. I've afew copies hold back a while for some trades and if someone will step back I'll restock the distro but for the moment iT's no more available. 

-October '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette 2015 is available right now and out now! Limited to 66 copies on pro manufactured cassettes.  

Both acts remain into obscurity and infame. Extrema Uncion do a kind of cross between Black Metal and Noise, similiar to acts such as Goatvulva, Bhaobhaon Sidhe...etc. while Hazten akin to the sound of Katharsis during demo times, Darkthrone, Conjuuro (Prt.)...etc. 

A single copy costs 4 Euros plus p/p. I offer wholesale and paypal if you want multiple copies. Trade is possible so write me when youre interested:  

-September '15-
- The Nameless Tomb/Demonomancer Split cassette is sold out/traded. Few distros like Analog Worship , Caverna Abismal or Equinox Discos and others carry copies in their distros. 

- Extrema Uncion uploaded their song of the split unto Bandcamp, click here for a listening (dis)pleasure.

- A very hard to find V8 (Argentina) Live Digi Cd is addaed to the distro (just check) among other stuff. The Live CD includes unreleased songs.

-August '15-
- The Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) is send to the manufacture and should be released soon.

-July '15-
- Temple of Adoration Zine Issue # 10 is completly sold out/traded. Few distros still have copies!

- Cover for the next Sodomistic Rituals Prods Release: Extrema Uncion/ Hazten (Esp.) Split cassette (lim. 66 copies) below.


-June '15-
- The stock of last remaining Mastrobating Jehovah "Hullet I Loven" tapes arrived after some delay caused by the post. I used red tapes this times contrary to the earlier edition on black blank tapes. Write for a copy now.