Erectile Dementia/ Madre Coca (Us./Ger.)- Split 7ep 2016

Released by:
- No Fucking Labels! (Neth.), Evil Distro (Ita.), Poço Discos (Prt.), Equinox Discos (Spa.) & Backwoods Butcher (Us.)

Madre Coca/ Guyana Death Tape/ Paganfire/ Aberrante (Ger./Phl./Pan.)- "Estruendos Sepulcrales Tocan A Tu Puerta" Split Demo tape 2014

Lim. to 150 copies on pro tape
and pro glossy cover 
Sodomistic Rituals Productions
Madre Coca / Sete Star Sept (Ger./Jpn.) -"Es erwartet Ihnen nicht Musik von und mit Madre Cocas/ My Heroes"
Split 7ep 2013
Bringer Of Gore Records (Bel.)
Lim. 500 copies (100 on purple, 400 on black vinyl)

Different Songlist to the Split tape. Labelcontact: and

Madre Coca / Sete Star Sept (Ger./Jpn.) - "Traumatical Direction"
Split Demo Tape 2013
Underground Pollution Records (Fra.)
Lim. 150 Copies (D.I.Y.Tape)

Different Songlist to the Split tape. 
Madre Coca / Wireless Helot / Paresthesic Neurodeformities (Ger./Bra.)- Split Demo Tape 2013

Bestial Desecration Records (El Sal.)
Lim. 200 Copies (Pro Done Tape, Pro Done Cover)

Madre Coca (Ger.)- "Songs Of Old And Forgotten Birds"- Demo tape 2012 Eternal Transmigration Records (Bol.)

Lim. 291 copies (Pro done tape, Xerox Cover)



During summer of 2011 a infamous child out of the infant womb of an albanian Myriapoda was born. That child was soon baptized in smegma as Madre Coca. Paying hommage to the legendary Escatofagia who once used a term called „Madre Coca Toma Venganza!“ for an analog outburst. Two heads are responsible for the centipedes pregnancy – a Backstreet Boy known as Noise Against Mankind (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonies, Effects, Jew`s Harp) and The Ronald Ruck Disorder (Drums, Backing Vocals, Jew`s Harp). The music of those two deranged minds were inspired by a heavy dose of green goods and bands such as Sore Throat, Exmortes, Escatofagia, Herpes, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Warsore, Sauerkraut, B.G.T., MDA, Deche-Charge, Clitoris Trafficker...among others. 



Stefan Ramm 
Jablonskistr. 01
10405 Berlin

- To be revealed!


MADRE COCA “Songs Of Old And Forgotten Birds” Tape – Proudly inept and unrepentantly useless noisecore madness of the lowest order! Reminiscent of the glory days of home-dubbed tape trading with weird pen pals across the globe, this mess calls to mind classic low-fi headache-inducers such as TRACI LORDS LOVES NOISE, PILE OF EGGS and DECHE-CHARGE but is maybe even more blown out and nastily recorded than any of those notorious basement apes. A fine addition to the age-old tradition of neighbor annoyance and boredom alleviation via the creation of terrible sounds. MADRE COCA is what lurks underneath the bottom of the barrel and will appeal only to those truly thick-skulled warriors who continue to fight the good fight against maturity. Like a freshly-shat turd flung at an aesthetically unobtrusive painting of fruit, this is idiot anti-music and not a social gathering point for rebellious college students or serious artists. MADRE COCA are totally horrendous and have made the perfect soundtrack to accompany a full day of drinking black coffee and trying to set the TV on fire using only my bad mood. (Eternal Transmigration/ Bolivia) (Invocation of Obscene Gods Zine Issue 3/2013)